We are a team of professionals who apply their technical skills to implement practical projects

Today, we provide development services to hundreds of loyal customers around the world. Our experience allows us to take on the most complex projects and solve them in creative ways. We have done more than 300 projects in the field of SEM, SEO and other fields

Wide field of expertise

Our technology stack, which includes but is not limited to technologies such as the .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Web API, C #, Redis, SQL, Xamarin, React, JavaScript, allows us to solve a wide range of tasks

Cloud solutions
Cloud solutions
Highly loaded systems
Distributed computing
Cloud systems
Web applications
Web applications
API development
Web design
Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications
Native development
Mobile design

All of this we use for:

  • Creation of parsing and deep parsing systems (any data sources, social networks, huge amounts of data)
  • Lead generation (B2B, B2C)
  • Development of monitoring systems
  • Creation of systems for regulating activities in social networks around an event/brand
  • Creation of automatic reputation management systems / automatic reputation management ASERM
  • Creation of analytics and deep analytics systems (analytics of emotional intelligence, behavioral factors, target ratings, patterns of decision-making when choosing a product)
    Creation of cloud-integrated systems (cloud analytics, BI, CPM, EPP systems)
  • Creation of automatic integrated marketing systems for customer promotion (marketer’s monitors)
  • Development of Rating Tracking Systems

And we can do any custom projects for you

Great set of tools

Besides, we use a whole arsenal of tools that allow us to deliver high-quality software and take into account any revision

Task Tracking Systems
Task Tracking Systems
Youtrack, Jira, or any of your choice
Version Control Systems
Version Control Systems
Git, or any of your choice
Continuous Integration Systems
Continuous Integration Systems
Teamcity, or any of your choice
Development Environments
Development Environments
Visual Studio, Rider, or any of your choice

We are very flexible in choosing technologies and tools and use every opportunity to improve the development process

About us

Customer-driven development

We do not just write code, we remember, that we solve your business problem. Each line of code intends to bring you closer to the goals that you established. The greatest joy for us is finding out that we have been able to help you reach new heights.

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